Virus Club Seminars

September 2018

Andy Leigh Brown
First case of a criminal prosecution of HIV transmission in Ireland

October 2018

Gytis Dudas
MERS-CoV spillover at the camel-human interface

November 2018

Jordan Douglas
Kinetic models of transcriptional pausing

November 2018

Rachel Colquhoun
Pandora – variation inference for pangenomes from Nanopore or Illumina data

December 2018

JT McCrone
Influenza evolution between and within human hosts

March 2019

Heather Grant
Patterns of inter-subtype recombination in full HIV genomes from Uganda

April 2019

Donald Kwan
HIV transmission dynamics in Hong Kong and Uganda

July 2019

Mike Gallagher
Characterising co-circulating viral strains in both wild and farmed fish with targeted sequence capture

September 2019

Anel Nurtay
Within-host specialisation of viral population: bifurcation analysis and chaos

October 2019

JT McCrone
Phylogenetic insights into ebola dynamics in non-human hosts

January 2020

Paola Cristina Resende
Re-emergence and spread of measles virus in Brazil

March 2020 *Postponed*

Thomas Christie Williams
RSV research gaps in the run up to immunisation campaigns

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