About me

I studied Genetics at Trinity College Dublin (2010-2014), then was in Aoife McLysaght's lab for two years (2014-2016) where I carried out a research masters in Molecular Evolution. I then got accepted to the Wellcome Trust Hosts, Pathogens & Global Health PhD programme in Edinburgh University. I finished the masters portion of the programme and graduated in 2017. Since then I've been working with Andrew Rambaut, as a part of the ARTIC network, carrying out my PhD.


I'm carrying my PhD out in Andrew Rambaut's lab in the University of Edinburgh.
We're part of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and my work focuses on tracing
the evolution of viruses over an outbreak to help inform infection control efforts.
I'm developing user-friendly analysis pipelines for a variety of fast-evolving RNA viruses
and doing phylogenetics on viral outbreaks.

Lab mates

Verity Hill
Rachel Colquohon
JT McCrone
Shawn Yu
Emily Scher

Deployable sequencing with the MinION

My research aims put an emphasis on running sequencing in situ, where viral outbreaks are happening, rather than transporting samples back to a central hub/ abroad. I've helped set up nanopore sequencing for poliovirus diagnostics in Pakistan, trained scientists and provided resources to set up MinION sequencing in Rwanda, and have been helping setup MinION sequencing capacity here in Edinburgh for hcov2019.


As part of the ARTIC Network, I taught on a sequencing workshop at the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens in Accra, Ghana. We taught an end-to-end system putting an emphasis on accurate analysis and interpretation.